Big Hero 6


  • First Male African American lead in an animated film from Disney
  • First Female Asian lead since Mulan
  • First Asian Male Lead to star in a film from Disney
  • A Film about Superheroes where over half the team are People of Color and representative of different cultures.
  • Non sexulaized costumes for the female members of the team.


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© 2014 Karla Batres
Title: Loteria
Medium: Acrylic, Lace, and Ribbon on Canvas 
Dimensions: 24 X 36 Inches 

© 2014 Karla Batres

Title: Loteria

Medium: Acrylic, Lace, and Ribbon on Canvas 

Dimensions: 24 X 36 Inches 

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Sleeping VenusArtemisia Gentileschic. 1625-30Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, USA 


Sleeping Venus
Artemisia Gentileschi
c. 1625-30
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, USA 


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I refuse to refer to myself and other women as “cis women” no, we’re just women.

Well then trans women should be referred to as just women, too.

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I Love My Boo campaign features real young men of color loving each other passionately. Rather than sexualizing gay relationships, this campaign models caring, and highlights the importance of us taking care of each other. Featured throughout New York City, I Love My Boo directly challenges homophobia and encourages all who come across it to critically rethink our notion of love.

GMHC is the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Building on decades of dedication and expertise, we understand the reality of HIV/AIDS and empower a healthy life for all. GMHC fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected.

this is fucking adorable

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Shout out to all my Indigenous and/or disapora peoples that…


  • can’t speak their own language
  • can only speak some of their language
  • are trying to learn and reclaim their own language
  • learned a colonizer’s language as their first and/or only language

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This series is BRILLANT.  And all made by the same woman.

I’m going to place my response (and dissection) of this circus of ignorance under a cut, for the benefit of not accidentally crashing the apps of those browsing tumblr from mobile devices (plus, I can only explain things so many times before I basically have to straight up cobble together bits from previous posts).

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"There are plenty of fish in the sea. Sure. There are also plenty of birds in the sky and trees planted in the ground. However, there is a limited supply of genuine love these days."

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"I love [that] the fans use the show as a canvas onto which they paint the stories that mean the most to them"

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Well I finally sat down and watched The Fault in Our Stars and I just want you to know, John Green, it’s a good thing I hardly wear mascara. I know books aren’t meant to be realities, but so help me, I hope and I pray I get to know how it feels to experience an infinity amount of love in just a four letter word spoken aloud with as much sincerity and honesty as Hazel Grace and Gus were able to share.

"I’m still learning
how to just

— (40/365) by (DS)

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"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."

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